Ways in improving your breathing capacity

Improving lung capacity can be very important for various different reasons. Runners, swimmers, singing vocalists, and wood wind instrumentalists regularly practice techniques and breathing exercises to improve performance. However, you don’t need to be interested in these things to want to improve lung function. Many people for health reasons such as C.O.P.D and asthma can benefit from many of these simple techniques to help improve lung function and improve overall health.

One obvious way to improve lung capacity is to not smoke. Smoking can lead to many different lung impairments including C.O.P.D, emphysema, and asthma. If you are serious about improving lung capacity and you smoke this can be first and most simple step to progress to your goal.

Submerge yourself, and do breathing exercises while in the water. Strive to hold your breath under the water for the longest time possible. Each time try and hold it longer than before. Also, because of the blood fluctuating throughout your torso and with the compression on your body, you will be forced to take shorter and more rapid breaths while training in the water. Studies have shown that breathing capacity is reduced to 75% while in water and your body will compensate for its loss. Regular exercise in water will lead to your respiratory system becoming more efficient, and therefore increasing your lung capacity.

Training at higher altitudes can also help to improve lung capacity. Serious runners often train at higher altitudes before a competition and then only returning to sea level to perform. Less pressure from the atmosphere leads to a larger lung capacity because there is only 74% as much oxygen available.

There is a multitude of breathing exercises you can do to help to improve lung capacity. Try to regularly take deep breaths while going about your daily life. Also, when you are taking deep breaths you should exhale slowly and carefully, controlling how much air is leaving your lungs. Meditation is another way to help improve lung function. Relaxing your body while holding your breath and closing your eyes. Exerts less energy and increases your ability to be able to hold your breath for a longer period of time.

Within a few weeks of this training, performed twice a week, you will begin to notice your improved lung function. Finding you will have more stamina for when you are physically exerting yourself.

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Why work out and have a proper diet

There are several reasons to work out and have a proper diet. Above all else, the major incentive is the improvement in physical health. Several chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension can be significantly improved or eliminated through diet and exercise. Although the immediate risks of having elevated blood glucose, blood pressure or cholesterol seem negligible, especially when they are not severely elevated, the long-term consequences of these conditions include heart attack, stroke, amputation, organ failure and blindness.

Medical conditions, which cannot be attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise, can benefit from changes in lifestyle. Although these conditions may require medication, some people find that they have a better response to treatment by reducing processed foods from their diet, or making other positive food choices. Regular exercise, even for short durations, can improve mental health. Many people who have anxiety or depression use exercise as a tool in their treatment plan.

A healthy diet and exercise is the primary method to lose weight and gain muscle. Whether a person needs to lose a few pounds or a hundred, the key to achieving and maintaining weight loss is to develop life-long dietary habits and an exercise routine. Any changes should be realistic enough to sustain, which is the reason “lifestyle change” has been a popular term. People, who do not need or want to lose weight, yet want to tone or gain muscle, find that modifications in their diet along with cardio and strength training can help them reach their goals. Sculpting the body may require different nutrition and exercise, but both are necessary components. Simply lifting weights or other forms of strength training will not achieve muscle growth and definition if the person’s diet does not contain sufficient protein and micronutrients conducive to muscle growth.

Working out and sticking to a proper diet has many benefits. Although the initial benefits of weight loss and sculpting the body are motivating, the long-term health benefits are equally important.

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Leading Causes of Death in America

The top three causes of death in America are Heart Disease, Cancer and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease. Heart Disease and Cancer claim almost half of the statistics for death each year in The United States.

The number one cause of death is Heart Disease. It has two major types which are Coronary Artery Disease and Congestive Heart Failure.

CAD is where the blood vessels of the heart begin to get smaller and often times they become blocked. When this happens the heart muscles become weak and sometimes die because the blood is not flowing properly.
Congestive Heart Failure is where the heart muscles are not pumping correctly. It can be caused for two different reasons, one being that the muscles of the heart are not strong anymore and two because the heart valves are abnormal. Congestive Heart Failure causes the heart muscle to over work itself and causing it to tire out.

The second leading cause of death is Cancer. Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer claim the most lives in the United States.
Lung Cancer is diagnosed when uncontrolled cell growth is found in the lungs. Eighty to ninety percent of all Lung Cancer is caused by exposure to tobacco smoke. With a fifteen percent survival rate, Lung Cancer can be cure by three methods which are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Colon Cancer is also known as bowel cancer and is diagnosed much like Lung Cancer as uncontrolled cell growth found in the colon or rectum. Colon Cancer is usually caused by lifestyle but in few cases it is caused by genetic disorders. If the cancer is not spread throughout the body it can often be cured by surgery. Worldwide, Colon Cancer is the number three diagnosis of cancer.

The number three cause of death is Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease. The most common CLRD is COPD also known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The top cause of this is tobacco smoke. The airways in the lungs become obstructed or thinner as time goes by. Unlike asthma, COPD tends to get worse or time and cannot be reversed. COPD can be managed but often people need oxygen therapy or even a lung transplant.

The major three causes of death in The United States are Lung cancer, Colon Cancer and Chronic Lower respiratory Disease with Lung Cancer and Colon Cancer accounting for at least half of the deaths in America each year.

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The Best Phone Apps in Health

When it comes to apps, phones have really become devices that people are hard pressed to do without. Considering just practical and helpful applications alone, thousands of options are available to help make your life a little bit easier. Most of this is by offering up fast information when you need it most, like is the case with so many of the best health apps for smartphones. There are likely thousands of health related applications out there, but a few stand out and are considered among the best.

Web MD

There are a few different aspects that make this application stand out. First and foremost, it is one of the most used websites and applications for medical information both in emergencies and when attempting to diagnose a potential condition. This is among the most highly regarded because it is available across all three major operating system platforms on smartphones.

My Fitness Pal

This is an application that is designed for anyone who is working to get back to a slimmer version of themselves, or at the very least maintain the weight that they might have already lost. This is an app that allows the user to search food that they have eaten from a massive online database for caloric and nutritional content that is logged into a daily diary that deducts from the daily allotted calorie amount you have set for yourself. You can also upload information about exercising to give yourself a few more calories for food throughout the day. This helps you take the reins on your weight loss or better conditioning. It too is available across all three major developing platforms.

First Aid Kit

This is an application that is intended to give people pertinent information in how to help someone who is injured before medical personnel is able to arrive on the scene. This response can often be a matter of life and death, so this application is primarily intended to be read thoroughly while there is no emergency. This is an informative application to give smartphone users a bit of helpful first aid information about how to help someone in all kinds of scenarios.

These are just a few apps, but what are easily considered to be among the most popular and most downloaded applications across all the platforms. While there might be thousands of them to choose from, these health apps are universal in how they can help users live a better life, and can even help save someone’s life.

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Why is Social Media Important for Health Providers

Health providers are typically under a microscope for many reasons. Hence, establishing a reputation the consumer can trust is at its’ all time high. An important medium for almost every business type is social media. The viral world we live in, allows people to search online for any and every type of service. A health provider is no exception to that rule.

The health care practice is in business to gain just as every other industry, however many times there is more at stake for these companies. Historically, this industry has not reached out socially. Competition, malpractice and loss of revenue takes a toll on the pivotal aspects of the health industry. Social media assists providers in gaining trust from the public like no other marketing tool. People want to believe that others can trust a company’s services before they are willing to take that risk. The public will take notice of a certain provider if thousands or even hundreds recognize them online.

Consider that the majority of consumers do most of their purchasing online for an auto, a book, renting movies and reading product reviews. People certainly should research their local care providers. It makes sense to check what others think before spending hard earned money or using insurance that deductibles are paid on.

Providers absolutely need to see their patients as consumers. People have to purchase prescriptions, ventilators, get a second opinion after a diagnosis and much more. It is simply imperative to the buying public, that they are getting their money’s worth and who they are trusting their families health to.

Many employers are engaging in “Wellness Programs” for their employees. This constitutes an entire company getting involved. Setting up challenges, recipes, corporate retreats, etc. Many have systems that are set up on their company websites. Some of these employers are leading by example and making their programs viral for others outside the company to view. It’s an excellent idea, and it inspires others to follow suit, which begins a chain reaction for healthy Americans. Social media makes sense for all industries.

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How to find the best personal trainer for you

If you want to live a healthier life style, lose weight, or even build muscle mass, then hiring a personal trainer would be a step in the right direction. An experienced trainer can help you establish a plan to achieve your health and fitness goals, but what is it that you look for in a personal trainer? What set of guidelines do you use to make your decision? Make the wrong choice and your personal trainer can go from being a great investment to a huge waste of money. Following these tips will help you find a personal trainer best fits you.

Before you set out to find the perfect trainer you will need to establish some health and fitness goals. Compiling a list of short and long term goals will help you define exactly what it is you are looking to accomplish. Goals play a critical role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle so make sure they are obtainable. For example you can’t expect to transform into a marathon runner your first week, however losing 15lbs in the first month by changing your diet, combined with a cardio routine is a very realistic expectation. Reaching a goal you set out to achieve is truly gratifying and will help to keep you motivated.

Seems like everywhere you turn these days someone is trying to give you nutrition and fitness advise, so knowing who to listen to when it comes to your health can be challenging. When it’s time to start your search, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family is a great place to start. Take the time to go through their qualifications and ask for testimonials from prior/current clients. It’s also a great idea to set up a trial sessions with each trainer before agreeing to any long-term commitments.

Find a personal trainer that loves what they do. Someone you can trust. This is the person who will be influencing the decisions you make on your health so make sure it’s an individual you want to build a healthy professional relationship with. Someone who will best fit the lifestyle changes you are looking to achieve.

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How to keep your body pure

Purity has many meanings to many people, some people believe that being pure requires a clean heart and what you have on the inside. Others look at the purity as keeping certain chemicals away from our body, and using all sorts of health foods and supplements to keep us pure. Whether it is a chemical or some sort of substance we choose to use, knowing how to keep your body pure could be all about your interpretation.

There are some people who introduce things on a regular basis to their body that are toxicant and they don’t even know it. Some of these introductions can end up producing toxin, leaving the body in a state of danger. Part of the problem is that these toxics are not recognized by the average Joe, which means that they have no idea how to deal with it.

The very diet that we consider to be healthy could easily contain toxicants, leaving the user trying to figure out where they went wrong. Unfortunately, by the time the user realizes that they made an error, or some other test confirms the mistake, the user could end up with an incurable disease. Many of the foods that we eat are also subject to an additive or two that are probably not great for human consumption.

There may be instances that cause us to be exposed to poisonous gasses just because of our close proximity to it. Impurities being introduced to the body can be the cause for many diseases, some that join us through bacteria. Much of this build up could come through our own bodily fluids, especially if we fail to follow proper hygiene methods.

Some people believe that only the use of healthy organic foods can save the day, however there are others that are not yet convinced with this opinion. Staying healthy and pure is a task that is within our reach, we just need to know what steps to take. There is a simple and relatively low cost way to flush many of these toxins out of your body and the process involves countless glasses of water on a daily basis.

The human body can generate all sorts of diseases on its own, especially if you don’t clean up after yourself and that includes more than simply washing your hands. Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stop bacteria from forming on the tongue and around your rear end.

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